Himalayan Salt

  Himalayan Salt

Salt is essential for life, it is impossible to live without it.

What is Pink Himalayan Salt? 

Himalayan Salt is a type of whole salt which is very pure. The reason for this is that it has never been exposed to any sort of impurities. It has always been protected by the Himalayans for millions and trillions of years. Himalayan Salt is mined in the Salt Mines of Khewra which is considered to be the world’s second largest salt mine in the world. It is found in Khewra of Jhelum District in Punjab which is in Pakistan. All salt which we consume whether it is a labeled sea salt or table salt will be got from a salted body of water. This can be either a salt-water lake or an ocean. 
History: For times immemorial, once every year in springtime, the Himalayan people transport the salt to the Nepalese valleys for trade. The yak which is the common mode of transportation is laden with bags containing the salt. On arriving at their destination, the salt is then exchanged for cereals. This is because cereal is considered to be their staple diet. It is also because of this reason as to why salt has always been regarded as a precious commodity for mankind. 
Formation: Himalayan salt or HimalaSalt was formed from the ocean. It was formed at a time of great tectonic pressure. This is considered to be an important factor today since even the highest quality of sea salts are made available from the ocean waters. These salts are made up of a lot of harmful pollutants and heavy metals. This is also one of the major reasons as to why Himalayan Salt is different from other types of salt. It is also at times referred to as Himalayan pink salt, pink salt, Himalayan sea salt, Himalayan rock salt and also as Himalayan crystal salt too. Irrespective of its name it is one of the most pure forms of salt.

Mineral composition: The chemical composition of Himalayan salt if considered properly, you will be amazed to find that it is made up of 95–96% sodium chloride, tarnished with polyhalite which is 2–3% and minute quantities of ten other minerals. Himalayan salt is able to get the pink color due to the presence of iron oxide in it.

Why Pink? When it concerns naturally acquired salt, you will not be able to find any other finer specimen than Pink Himalayan Salt. The different varieties of color such as pink, red and white are all indications of this salt having a rich and varying mineral and energy-rich iron content. You will not come across any other way to get 84 different minerals which are in one way or the other valuable to our body. It is done by including real pink Himalayan salt in your diet.
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Himalayan Salt Benefits

Himalayan salt has the following benefits:
  • It contains less sodium per serving: Since Himalayan salt is made up of similar components as that of table salt it has less sodium. The reason for this is that the flakes are able to occupy less room on a teaspoon when compared with that of highly refined grains of table salt.
  • Contains more that 80+ minerals and elements: Himalayan salt is made up of 85.62% sodium chloride and 14.38%.of other trace minerals. These other elements consist of Sulphate, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, potassium, borate, bromide, strontium, and fluoride.
  • Since Himalayan salt is made up of these minerals it can:
  • Increases hydration
  • Create an electrolyte balance
  • Regulate water content both inside and outside of cells
  • Dissolve and removes the sediments so as eventually remove toxins
  • Helps in the proper metabolism functioning
  • Prevents muscle cramping
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Strengthens bones
  • Prevents goiters
  • Helps the intestines absorb nutrients
  • Improves circulation

 Himalayan salt vs Salt

 Salt which has been extracted in its natural form is referred to as unrefined salt. This is one type of salt which has not been altered by man. This is why it has been rightly said that every salt has not been created equal.

Benefits of Pink Salt

It is rich in minerals and is got from the underground salt deposits from the unpolluted foothills of the Himalayas. For times immemorial it has been considered to be one of the best alternatives for health and it is also now appreciated by cooks of all calibers.
When you drink lots of good quality water, it should be combined with pink salt from the Himalayas. In this way the water is able to provide you with a great alkalizing foundation source for your health at the cellular level.
When you rinse your mouth with salt, it is regarded as a remedy which has been in vogue for several ages for lots of oral issues. On making use of Himalayan Salt for this type of purpose, you will be in a way adding additional necessary minerals for optimal effects. On making use of this natural treatment, it will help to heal the sores and wounds in your mouth. It is also effective as a sort of a disinfectant which can be used for routine preventative oral care. Other health benefits are as follows:
  • Asthma and Sinus Trouble: Those of you who are suffering from Sinus and Asthma can benefit greatly by taking salt internally and also from using a salt inhaler. It’s because salt helps to clear excess mucous and phlegm.
  • Allergies: On dissolving Himalayan salt in warm water it becomes an effective natural antihistamine.
  • Reproductive Health: When you natural salt especially Himalayan salt, it can improve reproductive health in both men and women.
  • Improved sleep: By maintaining a steady balance between the trace minerals in your body, you will get the much needed support for the hormone processes. It also aids in improving your sleep quality and duration.
  • Cellulite: With proper intake of regular salt the formation of cellulite can be lessened.
  • Muscle Cramps/Tension: Due to the presence of trace minerals and pH in real salt, it helps to alleviate muscle cramps.
  • Cell Communication: Its pH and ion concentration help improve chemical communication between cells.
  • Nerve function: Since Himalayan salt consists of electrical properties; it helps to support the proper nerve function and communication throughout the body.
  • Digestive Health: On consuming Himalayan salt with water it can to optimize the environment in the digestive system and increase stomach acid. This process will make it helpful in treating heartburn, digestive disorders and other digestive problems.
How To Consume Enough Salt: 
If you are the type who is not used to eating enough salt, there are other ways through which you increase your intake. On drinking 1/2 tsp or even 1 tsp of quality salt in a quart of water daily, it will help to raise your electrolyte and trace mineral levels.

Other uses:

Pink salt is considered to contain unique, air purifying abilities. This is why the Europeans have long believed in the usefulness of Rock Salt Lamps while going about with their treatment of a variety of illnesses including. These lamps are also particularly helpful as desk lamps and night lights.
Asides from ionization, Salt which is illuminated is able to give us a pleasant, relaxing glow. There are lots of Reiki and yoga practitioners are now using Himalayan Salt Lamps in their studios. This is able to promote tranquility, peace and general well-being. A very important discovery of our times is that of the Himalayan Salt Crystals.
Neti Pot with Himalayan Salt: By making use of warm salt water, you can easily flush out your sinuses.
You can make enchanting candle jars with the Himalayan Pink Salt. When it is made it emits an inviting glow in colors of peach and pink. They even serve as excellent gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings and even as Anniversary gifts. They can alternatively be used to create an atmosphere which is both warm and festive at Holiday dinner tables.
Now it is also possible for you to create exotic tasting festive drinks which your guests will never forget as you have the gourmet flavor of this amazing Himalayan Culinary Salt.
So all we can say in the end is that whatever you do simply don’t grab that packet or bottle of standard iodized table salt. Always ensure that the salt which you have selected is unprocessed, and sprinkle some good salt on your food! 
So have you checked the salt which you are eating?  

Is it really and truly Himalaya Salt

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